Master's Degree (M.S.Ed.) Curriculum and Instruction

If you are a teacher ready to advance your career while developing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of education, our M.S.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction will prepare you to succeed and lead in schools, classrooms and wherever else learning takes place. As you complete your degree, we will empower you to clarify your professional purpose, and to improve the academic environments where you work.

This program provides three paths - Teacher Leadership; Curriculum and Cultural Practices; or, Academic Literacy and Language and Culture. Teacher leadership courses focus on building leadership capacity in classrooms, schools and districts through courses that qualify educators for a teacher leader endorsement on their professional educator license. Curriculum and cultural practices courses focus on examining teaching and learning from a global perspective.  Academic literacy, language and culture courses focus on the social and cultural dimensions of language and literacy learning. More information is available in the NIU Course Catalog.

This degree is occasionally offered as an off-campus cohort. Contact the department to learn more.

Financial Aid

There are numerous awards and scholarships that are available for students, some specifically for teacher education. Other aid may be based on financial need, talent, or to members of particular groups. Some web sites that are available at NIU are the College of Education's Scholarship Page and the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office


Euikyung Shin, Ph.D. 
Program Coordinator

Nick Slicer
Graduate Advisor


James Cohen

Mary Beth Henning

Joseph Flynn

Euikyung Shin

Corrine Wickens

Elizabeth Wilkins