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Educational Research and Evaluation

Master of Science (M.S.) Program 

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Educational Research and Evaluation program is designed to prepare individuals who are broadly trained in both the theory and practice of qualitative and quantitative research, program evaluation, and assessment/measurement. Students learn to design, conduct, and evaluate educational research and evaluation studies; select and implement suitable qualitative and quantitative data analytic procedures; design and evaluate assessments and other instruments; and relate empirical findings to educational and social science policies and practices. Such skills are highly-valued and marketable in today’s workplace.

The program is offered in face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats.

While the program entails a comprehensive core curriculum, students may pursue specialized areas of professional interest (e.g., advanced qualitative research design, statistical analysis, evaluation of instructional technologies) through elective courses. The M.S. degree combines student-centered courses with a variety of engaged learning experiences (e.g., research, internships) to provide students with a top-quality graduate experience. Students are prepared for careers as researchers, evaluators, assessment specialists, and data analysts in educational, business, government, community-based or non-governmental organizations, and other professional settings, as well as advanced training in social science disciplines.

Graduate Assistantships with tuition remission and stipends are available for well-qualified applicants.

Pursuit of the M.S. degree in Educational Research and Evaluation provides individuals with an opportunity to: develop research methodological and analytical skills necessary for advanced doctoral training; explore research topics that can be pursued during later dissertation work; establish connections with ETRA Department faculty; and demonstrate capability to engage in Ph.D-level work. Participation in the Educational Research and Evaluation program also allows individuals to complete some Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Technology course requirements prior to admission. Many successful Instructional Technology doctoral students have received the M.S. degree in Educational Research and Evaluation. Click here to learn more about the Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Technology program.

Master of Science in Educational Research and Evaluation

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Certificates of Graduate Study

The Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment also offers three 18-credit Certificates of Graduate Study (CGS) related to educational research and assessment. Such CGSs can be earned on their own, or in combination with another graduate degree, and equip students with specialized qualitative research, quantitative research, or assessment expertise.