Curriculum and Instruction Ed.D.

This degree is occasionally offered as an off-campus cohort. Contact the department to learn more.

This is a professional degree intended to prepare superior teachers, administrators, service personnel, and scholars of education. In addition, the program prepares individuals for teaching at the college level. Preparation for research responsibilities both as producer and as consumer is an integral part of each program.

The specialization in curriculum leadership focuses on students’ future roles in society and in education as insightful and responsive leaders, with cultural, moral and ethical questions used as major themes of the doctoral program. A commitment to scholarship and research is required of students to enable them to understand the future needs of society, educational institutions, and students.

The specialization in secondary education focuses on students’ current and future roles as exemplary educators–whether as secondary classroom teachers, school and district administrators, or academicians. Complemented by the study of curriculum theory and practice, the specialization revolves around secondary instruction at both the micro (classroom) and macro (school, district) levels.

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  • Curriculum Leadership
  • Secondary Education
  • Literacy Education
  • Science, Social Studies, and Environmental Education Integration

Financial Aid

There are numerous awards and scholarships that are available for students, some specifically for teacher education. Other aid may be based on financial need, talent, or to members of particular groups. Some web sites that are available at NIU are the College of Education's Scholarship Page and the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

Applicants for the Ed.D. program are expected to have a broad base of general education in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences and are required to present evidence of a minimum of three years of acceptable professional experience and/or demonstrated field leadership.