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Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Teaching & Learning


The Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S. Ed.) degree in Middle Level Teaching and Learning is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare future practitioners with the content knowledge and pedagogical approaches necessary to serve the needs of young adolescent learners in specific disciplines for teacher licensure in middle level education, grades 5-8.

What will I study?

All candidates seeking a Bachelor of Science in Education-Middle Level must complete general education requirements, which fulfill both university and state licensure requirements. Further, all candidates complete professional education core courses that address aspects of middle level teaching and learning. This includes multiple fieldwork experiences and opportunities where candidates learn how to apply theory to practice in middle school teaching. Finally, all candidates complete coursework to obtain two content endorsements. 

Endorsement Options

In addition to the core professional courses in middle level education, the program is designed to allow for flexible preparation in TWO endorsement areas.

  • Major Content Area: English, Mathematics, Science, OR Social Sciences
  • Minor Content Area:  English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Art Education, Bilingual/ESL, Foreign Language, Health Education, OR Physical Education 

What are some interesting classes I might take?

All candidates will complete courses that address aspects of middle level teaching and learning:

  • development of the middle school child
  • middle school philosophy and organization
  • content area literacy instruction
  • technology and assessment
  • methods for addressing student needs
  • coursework in major and minor content areas to foster in-depth content knowledge and comprehensive pedagogical knowledge

What hands-on learning opportunities are available?

Built upon the three tenets of knowledge, practice and reflection, coursework in the program includes a sequence of carefully designed professional courses emphasizing exploratory, experiential, student-centered teaching and learning, and extensive experiences observing and working with middle school-age children in a variety of settings. Field experiences begin early in candidates’ programs and gradually increase through senior year, culminating in student teaching. The College of Education maintains strong partnerships with school districts across the region and, through the Educate U.S. program, an increasing number of districts in other states. These partnerships provide a variety of rich clinical experiences. 

What can I do with this degree?

Candidates who complete the program requirements are recommended for Illinois Educator Licensure for teaching in two content endorsement areas in middle grades, 5-8. 

Middle School Teacher Occupational Outlook

What's the next step?

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