Community Service Organizations for Students in the College of Education

The College of Education recommends students become involved in professional organizations in order to increase their awareness of the field of education, issues in education, and to improve leadership and communication skills.

Circle K International (CKI)

CKC-NIU has been helping the community through various types of service projects since 1962. One of the most known projects is the Dear Santa project, which has won at the both district level and international level. CKC-NIU’s focus is to promote service, leadership, and fellowship through community engagement, professional experience, and social interaction. CKC-NIU seeks to create leaders within the community and also provide opportunities for networking. The parent organization for CKC-NIU, Kiwanis International, provides members with the opportunity to connect with students from college campuses nation-wide and internationally.

Advisor: Paul Stoddard (815)753-7929

College Parents' Group (CPG)

CPG supports, advocates, and creates opportunities for college students who are parents and offers educational and social experiences for parents while including activities for their children.

Advisor: Passion Williamson (815)753-7906

Deaf Pride

Deaf Pride has been a student organization for about 20 years. The group promotes Deaf culture and awareness on and around campus. The members range on a continuum of Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing. All of our members express an interest in some aspect of the culture and/or history surrounding the Deaf community. Knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) is not required to be a member in this organization. Deaf Pride promotes values of service, leadership, and education to our members and others around.

Advisor: Taylor Hartman

NIU Best Buddies

Best Buddies’ mission is to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Best Buddies created the 2020 Initiative in 2011, with the goal of opening offices in all 50 states, expanding into 100 countries, and impacting 3 million people with and without IDD worldwide by the end of 2020. The initiative also includes plans to train 4,000 Buddy Ambassadors, develop 1,000 jobs for people with IDD around the world, and increase the number of school-based chapters to 2,500. As a result of these ambitious expansion efforts, Best Buddies hopes to become a household name by the end of 2020.

Advisor: Jeff Chan (815)753-8633