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Lynette Chandler

TITLE: Professor of Special Education
PHONE: (815) 753-8424

Lynette Chandler is a Professor and Program Coordinator for Special Education in the Department of Special and Early Education at Northern Illinois University. She primarily teaches courses in early childhood special education. Lynette has a number of research interests including Response to Intervention at the preschool level, early literacy and early math skills, working with families, and positive behavior support. She enjoys collaborating with several preschool programs in the northern Illinois area on issues related to early childhood and early childhood special education. She not only has the opportunity to interact with teachers and administrators when she is in the schools, but she also has the opportunity to visit classrooms and work with young children who have disabilities, are identified as at-risk, and who are Òtypically developingÓ.

Lynette has worked in early intervention programs that provide services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families and in programs that provide services to preschool-aged children with special need. She has seen the importance of involving families and developing partnerships with families in meeting the educational and developmental needs of their child. She advocates the use of Person-First language when referring individuals with disabilities. This practice involves identifying the person first and the disability second (e.g., a student with autism, an infant with cerebral palsy).

She is a member and Past-President of the International Division for Early Childhood and the Illinois Division for Early Childhood and she has numerous publications and presentations on a variety of areas including functional assessment and positive behavior support, social skills, transition, early literacy, developmentally appropriate practice, intentional planning and teaching, inclusion, and Response to Intervention. She also is active at the state level where she serves on many committees and task forces that are related to early childhood and early childhood special education.


  • Ph.D, University of Kansas, Developmental and Child Psychology, Early Childhood Special Education  
  • M.A, Western Michigan University, Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Utah State University, Psychology