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Educational Psychology - Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.)

The doctoral degree program in educational psychology enables students to acquire an understanding of psychological processes that underlie human development, learning, and teaching and to develop necessary skills to interpret and design research in educational settings. The program provides students with opportunities to develop original and creative thinking and research in the areas of human development, learning, and motivation. Students may relate this knowledge to selected areas of interest, which may include sociocultural, historical, and philosophical foundations of education, instructional technology, research methods and assessment, special education, or teacher education.

Financial Aid

There are numerous awards and scholarships that are available for students, some specifically for teacher education. Other aid may be based on financial need, talent, or to members of particular groups. Some web sites that are available at NIU are the College of Education's Scholarship Page, the Scholarship Office, and the Financial Aid Office.

Tentative Course Rotation

Tentative rotation for EPS courses

EPS Student Guide

EPS Student Guide