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Educational Administration - Doctoral Degree (Ed.D.)

The Ed.D. program in educational administration is intended to prepare individuals for administrative service and leadership positions in schools or other agencies. The doctoral program provides instructional experiences designed for satisfactory development of conceptual, human, and technical skills and understandings required for successful leadership in various administrative roles with emphasis on educational research, the role of the leader in the social order, community power structure, and organizational theory.

Students interested in pursuing the Ed.D. in Educational Administration would first need to apply to the Ed.S. in Educational Administration program. Students in the Ed.S. program may then apply to the Ed.d. program toward the end of their Ed.S. coursework if they wish to continue on for the full doctoral degree.

*Completion of the Ed.S. program does not guarantee your admission into the Ed.D. program.

More information is available in the NIU Course Catalog.

Financial Aid

There are numerous awards and scholarships that are available for students, some specifically for teacher education. Other aid may be based on financial need, talent, or to members of particular groups. Some web sites that are available at NIU are the College of Education's Scholarship Page, the Scholarship Office, and the Financial Aid Office.


Contact David Snow, Graduate Program Advisor 


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