Certificate in Higher Education Administration

The certificate of graduate study in higher education administration allows students seeking professional careers in higher education to pursue graduate-level study in one or more of the following areas related to two- and four-year institutions of higher education: higher education administration, student personnel services, curriculum development, and teaching. 

Students who wish to pursue this certificate of graduate study must apply as a student-at-large to the Graduate School and complete an application with the academic counselor. Students will need to gain approval from the academic counselor regarding which 12 semester hours from the list below will comprise the course work for the certificate. 

A total of 12 graduate credits hours are required to earn the Certificate of Graduate Study in Higher Education Administration, select four courses from the following:

CAHA 555 - Seminar in the Community College (3)
CAHA 575 – Public Policy Studies in Higher Education (3)
CAHA 5901 - Workshop in Adult and Higher Education (3)
CAHE 509 - Campus Environments and Student Cultures (3) 
CAHE 5222 - College Student Development Theory (3)
CAHE 5722 or ETR 572X2 - Assessment Methods in Higher Education (3)
CAHE 701 - Student Affairs Administration and Practice (3)
CAHE 702- Advanced College Student Development Theory (3)
CAHE 770 - The Administration of Higher Education (3)
CAHE 771 - Legal Aspects of Higher Education Administration (3)
CAHE 772 - Financing Higher Education (3)

1Workshop must be directly related to higher education and approved by the higher education certificate coordinator.
2Cannot be used if student is enrolled in adult and higher education master’s degree.

Students who want to pursue this certificate must file an application with the certificate coordinator and develop a plan of studies with the coordinator.

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