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Doctor of Education in Adult and Higher Education


Adult and Higher Education doctorate program is a 60-semester-hour program beyond the master’s degree that provides a flexible system of professional study, with course work in areas of educational policy, administration, and research, to prepare both generalists and specialists in the field. Graduate students in adult and higher education prepare for leadership roles in a variety of adult and higher education endeavors. Students learn how to assist others to enhance their present roles or to prepare for new roles in society.

In addition, students have a choice of two areas of emphasis and are strongly encouraged to take the courses identified under each category, for specific preparation related to the above-mentioned leadership roles. The two areas of study are:

Highlights of the Adult and Higher Education program include:

  • Dynamic, challenging, and engaging coursework on topics such as: ethics, leadership and administration, program planning, community development, social justice, adult learning theory, educational policy analysis, student development, continuing professional education, program assessment and evaluation, and much more.
  • Practical hands-on experiences gained through internships, assistantships, and study abroad programs to such counties as Brazil, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan.
  • An engaged community of practitioners and scholars actively pursuing educational research.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the cultural, political, and economic forces shaping the historical, social, and philosophical foundations of adult and higher education.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of learning and development and its application to the practice of adult and higher education.
  3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the issues that impinge on the policy formation in adult and higher education.
  4. Students will demonstrate leadership in the field of the adult and higher education.
  5. Students will demonstrate ability to conduct independent research of relevant issues in the field of adult and higher education.

Assessment Methods (Outcomes)

  1.     Year one thru two Progress Reports (1,2,3)
  2.  Candidacy Exam/Dissertation Proposal (1,2,3)
  3.  Research Sequence (5)
  4.  Doctoral Dissertations (2,3,4,5)
  5.  Alumni Survey (4)
  6.  Alumni Advisory Board (1-5)

Common requirements (15)

Research methodology requirements (9)

At least 9 semester hours must be in research methodology, not including ETR 520 or its equivalent. These requirements may not be met through independent study.

Major field of study (18)

Adult and Higher Education (CAHA/CAHE) course work, excluding dissertation hours.

Cognate (optional)

A cognate is a cluster of courses taken outside of adult and higher education in a professional area. A typical cognate includes a minimum of 9 semester hours of course work in other departments within the university.

CAHA 799 - Doctoral Research and Dissertation (12)

When students pass the required exams and are eligible for dissertation, they must remain continuously enrolled and take a minimum of 3 semester hours of dissertation hours (CAHA 799) per semester (spring, summer, and fall) to continue enrollment in the Ed.D. program.

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