Certificate in College Teaching

The certificate of graduate study in college teaching is available to any graduate-level student in good standing. This certificate is designed to prepare or enhance professionals relative to the role of faculty in various postsecondary institutional contexts. Courses focus on understanding higher education institutions and the expected roles of faculty in different institutional contexts, developmental and learning theories for various student populations, online technologies, and assessment practices in student learning. 

Students who wish to pursue this certificate of graduate study must apply as a student-at-large to the Graduate School and complete an application with the academic counselor. Students will need to gain approval from the academic counselor regarding which 12 semester hours from the list below will comprise the course work for the certificate. 

A total of 12 graduate credits hours are required to earn the Certificate of Graduate Study in Higher Education Administration, including:

Requirements (12)

CAHA 530 - Instructional Theory, Practice and Teaching in Postsecondary Education (3)

CAHA 533 - Applied Learning Theories in Postsecondary Education (3) 

Choose two courses (6 credits) from the following:

CAHA 540 - Curriculum and Program Development in Postsecondary Contexts (3)

CAHA 5901 - Workshop in Adult and Higher Education (3)

CAHA 733 - Theory Building for Learning in Postsecondary Education (3)

CAHA 740 - Pedagogical Innovations and Student Learning (3)

CAHA 759 – Critical and Feminist Pedagogies in Adult and Higher Education (3)

ETT 510 - Instructional Media and Technology (3)

ETT 535 - Distance Education: Design and Delivery (3)

Students who want to pursue this certificate must file an application with the certificate coordinator and develop a plan of studies with the coordinator.

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