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Corrine Wickens, Ph.D.
Acting Associate Chair, Associate Professor, Literacy Education


Curriculum and Instruction


  • Ph.D., Texas A & M University
  • M.Ed., Texas A & M University
  • B.A., Indiana University

Research Interests 

Dr. Wickens teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in secondary content area literacy instruction. Her research interests examine the intersections of sexuality and schooling, adolescent literacy, and young adult literature.

Recent Publications

  • Manderino, M. A., Wickens, C. M., & Glover, E. A. (2015). Classroom blogging to develop disciplinary literacy. Pytash, K., Ferdig, R., & Rasinski, T. (Eds.), Using Technology to Enhance Reading: Innovative Approaches to Literacy Instruction. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.
  • Wickens, C. M., Manderino, M., & Glover, E. A. (2015, March). Developing disciplinary literacy through classroom blogging. Voices from the Middle, 22(3), 24-32.
  • Cohen, J.A, & Wickens, C. M. (2015, February). Speaking English and the loss of heritage language. TESL-EJ: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, 18(4)Retrieved from
  • Manderino, M., & Wickens, C. M. (2014). Addressing disciplinary literacy in the Common Core standards. Illinois Council of Reading Journal, 42(2), 28-39.
  • Wickens, C. M. (2011). Codes, silences, and homophobia: Challenging normative assumptions about gender and sexuality in Contemporary YA fiction. Children's Literature in Education, 42(2), 333-348.
  • Wickens, C.M. (2011, July-August). The investigation of power in written texts through the use of multiple textual analytic frames. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 24(4).
  • Wickens, C. M. & Wedwick, L. (2011, May). Where’s the inclusive literature: Four recent novels, four timely themes. Voices from the Middle, 19(2).
  • Koss, M. D., Wickens, C.M. & Walther, C.S. (Winter 2010-2011). Censorship and controversial materials in Chicagoland middle and high schools. Illinois Council of Reading Journal, 39(3).
  • Wickens, C. M. & Sandlin, J.A (2010). Homophobia and heterosexism in a college of education: a culture of fear, a culture of silence. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 23(6), 651-670.
  • Wickens, C. M. (2010). The denial of sexuality and the power of censorship. In G.S. Cannella & L. D. Soto (Eds.), Childhoods: A Handbook (pp. 281-290). NY: Peter Lang Publishing.
  • Wickens, C. M. (2009). Social spaces, hierarchies and regulations in LGBTQ young adult fiction. In K. M. Leander & D. W. Rowe (Eds.) 58th Yearbook of the National Reading Conference (pp. 348-361). Oak Creek, WI: National Reading Conference.
  • Wickens, C. M. & Sandlin, J.A. (Aug., 2007). Literacy for what? Literacy for whom?: The politics of literacy education and neocolonialism in UNESCO and World Bank-sponsored literacy programs. Adult Education Quarterly, 57, 4, 275-292.
  • Sandlin, J.A., Milam, J., & Wickens, C.M. (Summer, 2007). “Spend smart, live rich?”: Towards understanding the politics of consumer education in the popular culture lifestyle magazine Budget Living. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 4, 1, 113-135.
  • Embrick, D.G., Walther, C.S., & Wickens, C.M. (June, 2007). Working class masculinity: Keeping gay men and lesbians out of the workplace. Sex Roles, 56, 757-766.

Recent Presentations

  • Wickens, C. M. (2012, June). Postmodern identities: Moving beyond labels in gender and sexuality in LGBTQ Texts. Paper presented at Children's Literature Association Conference, Boston, MA.
  •  Cohen, J. A., & Wickens, C. M. (2012, April). Influence of teachers’ perspectives on their English Learners in their classrooms. Paper presented at International Reading Association, Chicago, IL.
  •  Cohen, J. A., & Wickens, C. M. (2011, November). Perspectives of three undocumented adolescent immigrants. Paper presented at National Council of Teachers of English, Chicago, IL.
  •  Wickens, C. M. (2011, April). Exploring power in written texts through multiple analytic texts. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.
  • Wickens, C.M. & Wedwick, L. (December, 2010). Distinguishing LGBTQ literature for middle grades. A paper presented at Literacy Research Association (formerly known as National Reading Conference). Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Wickens, C.M., Koss, M.D., Walther, C. S. (October, 2010). The right to literacy, the right to teach, and the need to protect: An investigation of controversial materials and curricular challenges in greater Chicago middle & high schools. A paper presented at Curriculum & Pedagogy Conference. Akron, Ohio.
  • Wickens, C.M. (April, 2010). Medial vowels, Freudian slips, & coded language: Challenging normative assumptions about gender and sexuality in contemporary LGBTQ young adult fiction. A paper presented at Midwest Conference on Language, Literacy, and Media. DeKalb, Illinois.
  • Wickens, C.M. (April, 2009). Challenges to traditional sexual and gender roles in LGBTQ fiction. Presented at American Education Research Association. San Diego, CA.
  • Wickens, C.M. (December, 2008). Social spaces, hierarchies, and regulations in LGBTQ young adult fiction. Presented at National Reading Conference. Orlando, FL.
  • Wickens, C.M. & Sandlin, J.A. (April, 2007). Adult literacy education as neocolonialism? A critical analysis of the politics of UNESCO- and World Bank-sponsored literacy programs. A paper presented at American Educational Research Association. Chicago, IL
  • Sandlin, J.A., Milam, J. & Wickens, C.M. (April, 2006). Budget living and the politics of consumer education in popular culture. A paper presented at American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, California.
  • Wickens, C.M. (April, 2005). A culture of silence, a culture of fear: An examination of homophobia and heterosexism in a southwest state college of education. A paper presented at American Educational Research Association. Montreal, Canada.

Notable Accomplishments

  • 2008 Qualitative Research SIG (AERA) Dissertation of the Year Award
  • Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning Fellowship 2006-2007- $25,000


  • LTRE 311 Content Area Literact Instruction
  • LTRE 511 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

Corrine Wickens


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